Grow With Us

Located in the heart of Chatham County, Garden City enriches its residents, business owners and guests with all that it has to offer. From the city’s rich history, to the friendly neighbors and businesses that make up the stimulating economy, Garden City is a town with a bright future. Garden City manages to keep its small town feel while being only 10 minutes outside of historic downtown Savannah.

Founded in 1939, the city began as “Industrial City Gardens” and shortly changed it’s name to Garden City. The city was founded and begun as a farm town where many prominent plantations sprouted, and people migrated to the city to work as farmers on these plantations. With the migration of these farmers into our city, many other types of workers followed – creating the diverse economy we have today.

Come grow with us here in Garden City and explore all that our community has to offer.

Garden City, GA City Hall